National Institute of Research and Development for Land Reclamation “ISPIF” Bucharest









            In order to increase the agricultural potential by using adequate technical systems that can feed the plant, we perform the following :

            -           Design of mid-size to large irrigation schemes or private farms for agricultural, vegetable or horticulture crops, in field or in green houses;

            -           Remodelling, modernisation (development, providing equipment to the existing irrigation systems, according to watering method : sprinkler, furrow, flood, or drip irrigation;

            -           Improvement of the saline and oil polluted soils or other damaged soils;

            -           Project of the lands occupied by the thermo-electric power station, metallurgic mills, mine, working a.o.;    

            -           Irrigation project for flowers, trees and lawns in public parks;

            -           Technical assistance concerning water application and use of irrigation equipment;

            -           Instructions for maintenance and operation of the irrigation systems and land reclamation for the agricultural lands.

            -           Application of PIM (Participatory Irrigation Management) concept within irrigation systems.





            In order to improve the potential of land production by technical systems of soil moisture control, we perform the following :


            -           Studies and investigations concerning the hydraulic conductivity;

            -           Technical and economical studies or complete projects related to flood control;

            -           Projects and studies for agricultural roads, pavements in villages and platforms for temporary storage of agricultural products;

            -           Projects and studies of drainage works for sport fields;

            -           Studies and surveys regarding the duality of the low land canal network for drainage and irrigation;

            -           Studies and surveys concerning the suitability of subirrigation in Romanian conditions, using the drainage network;

            -           Projects for greenhouses, including irrigation and drainage works;

                        -           Studies and surveys related to the environment protection in the reclaimed areas and the environmental impact of the land reclamation works;




I.N.C.D.I.F. “ISPIF” provides projects for the following types of constructions:


            -           Fixed pumping stations for irrigation and drainage;

            -           Floating pumping stations;

            -           Flow measurement equipment.

                -               Water-intakes related to type of water-source : either surface (rivers, lakes) or                                 ground water;                                        

            -           Canal and pipe networks for water transport and distribution and related structures;

            -           Crossing structures of various types of works (canals, roads, railroads);

            -           Civic and industrial constructions including the land projects;

            -           Micro-hydropower stations on irrigation water feed systems;

            -           Water supply and sewage systems in urban and rural areas;

            -           Multipurpose earth dams built in various geologic conditions;

            -           Energy transport and distribution systems for high and low voltage;

            -           Metal works for various purposes, mainly related to pumping stations and civil                               structures;

            -           Automation and central remote control systems in hydrotechnical and land                                     reclamation projects;

            -           Well networks for water supply or ground water level and chemistry control;

            -           Other works for rural development, revaluation of agricultural yields, agricultural                           constructions a.o.;

-                      Technical assistance on above listed fields.

Water Supply, Projects AND EXECUTION

            Since 1990, due to the development of water supply works in Romania, our specialists has carried out a great number of projects concerning water supply for towns and especially for rural localities, based on the impressive data stoked in the archives of I.N.C.D.I.F. “ISPIF”, connected with the most recent data obtained by the Studies and Investigations Department.

            I.N.C.D.I.F. “ISPIF” has a huge geological and hydrogeological data base as a result of more than 6.2 million drilling meters by wells.

            So, I.N.C.D.I.F. “ISPIF” performed, along the time, the follwing types of studies:

- Preliminary hydrogeological studies based on field reconnaissance, added to the existing data and, if necessary, studies based on drilling wells or hydrological studies on rivers and springs.

- Hydrogeological studies through drilling wells to establish hydrogeological parameters of aquifers, such as:

            - studies based on short depth drilling wells performed in the rivers meadows to define the water inflow for the water catching sizing (length, number of wells, drilling depth);

            - studies based on medium and high depth with an exploration - investigation purpose;

            - final studies based on technical assistance during the drilling works and tests, containing the hydrogeological parameters and the exploitation reference.

- Hydrological studies on rivers (the meadows have been investigated through drilling wells to take over the inflow by drains, wells or water intake.

- Hydrological studies for springs capture (with 1 year as a minimal period of flow observation).

- Hydrochemical studies based on water samples analyses (underground water, rivers water, springs water).

- Synthesis and prognosis studies carried out for each of the 42 districts of Romania containing a description of all water resources and their parameters, the underground water catchments investigated or carried out, the rate of flow for each well and possibility for extension.

- Geotechnical studies based on the foundation conditions for water reservoirs, pumping stations, pipes location lines and stability conditions for soil slopes.

I.N.C.D.I.F. “ISPIF” performed water supply drillings as part of the capture fronts of the big localities: Craiova, Tandarei, Sfantu Gheorghe, Iasi, as well as drillings for the exploration and exploitation of mineral water reserves from Biborteni, Bilbor, Borsec, Poiana Cosnei, Poiana Negri etc.

In the same time I.N.C.D.I.F. “ISPIF” achieved more than 60% of hydrogeological observation wells from our national system.




For this particular field I.N.C.D.I.F. “ISPIF” provides the following:

            -           Design of the specific works for fish farms projects;

            -           Supervision of the construction of the designed works;

            -           Technical assistance for sales marketing of the products : live, fresh, semi-preserved                       or preserved fish.




I.N.C.D.I.F. “ISPIF” can provide soft products and computer applications in the following range of fields:

            -           Dimensioning of reinforced concrete structures and steel structures, buildings in various hypothesis of load and solid model behaviour. Dimensioning of abutments for bridges and deep foundations (mainly on piles). Dimensioning of prereinforced concrete cases with one or two lines for water supply;

            -           Analyse of sloped land stability under real conditions considering the existing works (canals, dams, embankments, support walls, columns a.o.) and wherever it proves necessary, the appropriate modification of such works to fit the required stability;

            -           Hydraulic dimensioning of drop structures on irrigation and drainage canals;

            -           Drainage with wells for lowering ground water pressure in excavations for underground structures;

            -           Hydrogeological forecasts based on multianual monthly measurements of the water level in piezometers;

            -           Computer optimisation of the construction program for large to small projects, including the gant graph analysis for efficient achievement of the engineering works;

            -           Design of monitoring of economic systems;

            -           Computer optimisation of irrigation systems correlating the crops water demands with the agroecosystems (soil - climate) and the availability of water within the system;

            Applied monitoring assistance provides software products implementation and training to application resort.


            Within complex rehabilitation and modernization projects concerning important irrigation and drainage pumping stations, water metering measurea have been provided, as follows:

-                      rehabilitation of the SPR Titcov intake structure – Insula Mare a Brailei irrigation scheme, Braila county;

-                      rehabilitation of the SPR Maicanu intake structure – Insula Mare a Brailei irrigation scheme, Braila county;

-                      modernization of SP km 161 pumping station – Macin -23 August drainage scheme, Tulcea county;

-                      modernization of the Teuz I – right bank drainage scheme – SP Frunzis pumping station, Arad county;

-                      modernization of SPA Cama floating pumping station, Giurgiu county.




            The "Rural Development" team established in 1992, provides consulting services, undertaken studies and projects for the development and systematic restructuring of rural localities and agricultural territory, establishes and decides upon the influencing areas of urban centres, organisation and supply with equipment and necessary installations of the agricultural farms etc.

            The existence of this team was required by the ever growing number of social problems, occurring in the rural environment, during the present transition towards a market economy.

            The "Rural Development" team is capable of undertaking studies and projects for water supply works, sewerage works, secondary and technological roads (used within agricultural exploitation), agricultural constructions, social and cultural civil works, regaining of low productive lands for agriculture, small industry and service rendering units which process and sell agricultural products and wood-berries, mineral water bottling plants, agrotourism and leisure resorts.         

            We mention that I.N.C.D.I.F. “ISPIF” is one of the few Romanians institutes specialised in elaborating projects for regaining of lands affected by open mining, oil exploitation, military activities and industrial or domestic wastes.

            The aim of all activities listed above, is the analysis of the most profitable ways to use natural and local resources, presently not utilised and the establishment of optimum methods to repopulate the villages.

            Through “Rural Development” team, I.N.C.D.I.F. “ISPIF” undertake institutional studies in agricultural field.

            Ultimately, the objective of these measures is represented by the human factor, for which one has to ensure all prerequisites for a decent living standard.


EXPERIENCE IN Environment Preservation

            By the permanent staff and in close co-operation with universities and research centres, I.N.C.D.I.F. “ISPIF” has plaid, for a long time, an active and important role in general planning in agriculture, regional development, strategies and environment protection.

During the time, hundreds of studies and projects were carried out in environment protection and ecological rehabilitation using both multidisciplinary knowledge of our experts, or the data base and the technical base now offered by our laboratories and our study and research divisions.

            As a result of the assessment of the activities and documentation elaborated by us, I.N.C.D.I.F. “ISPIF” has been accredited by the Ministry of Water, and Environment Preservation who emitted for our company the Attesting Licence: EIM - 4 - 1161/23.05.2002 for Environmental Impact Studies Elaborator and R-BM - 4 - 664/22.06.2001 for Environmental Balance Elaborator.

            Our projects have been made in the purpose to solve the following appearances, in correlation with the technical solutions adopted:

            - to fit in the local scenery;

            - to frame in the land using projects and local and regional development;

            - to correlate with the acts, the strategies and the politics of the environment;

            - the support in the documentation of the lasting development;

            - to estimate the social and the environmental costs and to identify the financial sources;

            - to fit ourselves for international working team and to be at an international value;

We mention further some of the most important studies elaborated:

            - Nutrients Application in Agriculture in CEE / protection of water resources against diffuse nutrient pollution – PHARE financed project, services contract 95-0035.00.

            - Watershed management projects in order to develop, by the control of soil erosion and mitigation of the landslides (Hydrographic Basin of  Tarnava Mica, Somesul Mijlociu, Barlad, Trotus, Argesul Superior si Mijlociu).

            - Watershed management projects for the protection of the existing dams against siltation, or for the protection of other economic objectives against the damages caused by ravines or active landslides (Water reservoirs from Rivers Arges and Barlad hydrographic basins).

            - Studies concerning the improvement and management of the buffer zone located in the hilly zones or submountain areas.

            - Studies concerning the identification of bad land affected especially by the soil erosion, in order to transform them into reclamated areas. The studies were realised in 9 counties: Buzau, Bacau, Neamt, Arges, Prahova, Valcea, Brasov, Alba and Mures.

            - Environmental Balance for industry and services (REYNOLDS Cigarette Factory Manufacturing Bucharest, Gas Station VALCROM SA Afumati, SIMATEX SA Industry Bucharest)

            - Impact Studies for industry and services (Bread Factory Vitan - Bucharest, Chocolate, Ice-cream and Pastries Factory ROMGLASS Bucharest, Simatex - SA Industry Corbeanca, ROMDIL COM SRL Company - Snagov).

            - Environmental Balance and hidrogeological balance for industry and services and places: Petrotel-Ploiesti, SC Roly Eximprod Pantelimon, Buftea City, Voluntari Village, SC Seracom SRL Buc., ROMSTAL Buc., SC Flipper Tunari).

            - Studies concerning the effects of some hilly dams against the environment of the limitrophe areas.

            - Studies regarding the training of the torrential valleys, damaging different socio-economic objectives.

            - Studies and projects for the local water supply of different buffer zones.

            - Impact studies concerning the effects of the natural factors or antropic activities on the environment and biodiversity.



To increase the land productivity and to protect the natural environment against the soil erosion, we perform the following :


            -           Design of soil erosion control works on the river basins, with respect to increasing agricultural production, flood protection, and protection of reservoirs against silting;

            -           Environment protection and re-establishment of environment balance in areas strongly affected by soil erosion or other damages of soils;

            -           Protection works on lands affected by various forms of damage which endanger the architectural monuments;

            -           Project of consolidation of slope lands to parent soil erosion, both on state or private lands;

            -           Projects of reclamation and improvement of lands that have partially or totally lost the agricultural productivity and set up of reclamation areas on such lands;

            -           Projects of turning back to agricultural production of some lands strongly eroded, affected by land slide or soils damaged by moisture excess;

            -           Projects of improvement of soils suffering of deep erosion (gully and torrents),  located on agricultural lands or in villages;

            -           Projects for protection of agricultural lands or village/towns against land-slides;

            -           Reclamation of sloppy lands for setting up vineyards or orchards (also on terraces)

            -           Projects for agricultural roads on pasture lands, vineyards or orchards.